About Our Team

A Positive Dog Trainer

Founder & Owner Rebecca Corso (formerly Ross) is a kind and a positive dog trainer. She has a wealth of knowledge about dogs and animal training. She has trained a variety of animals ranging from chickens to dogs, rhinos to tigers, and many species in between. Rebecca has a Masters degree in Zoology and has spent the last twenty years building a solid foundation in animal training based on a combination of education, science and hands-on experience. She is also a professional member of several well respected organizations and frequently attends conferences and seminars to stay current in the field of animal training.


Rebecca’s knowledge has been independently tested and passed rigorous standards to achieve certifications as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine (CBCC-KA). Rebecca is also a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Rebecca is also certified as a Service Dog Coach through Cooperative Paws.

Rebecca also founded Dogs for Conservation, a former non-profit organization that trains detection dogs to sniff out endangered species to help scientists study them. Rebecca’s background as a wildlife biologist and animal trainer gave her a unique ability to succeed in a very unusual industry. Rebecca has rescued many dogs from bad situations and then turned them into amazing working dogs who love their job. These dogs often end up on death row and are generally unsuitable for the average pet owner due to their insatiably high-energy requirements and need a “job”! They also often arrive with some behavioral issues that Rebecca addresses before helping them reach their full potential! Rebecca and her husband Matthew run Your Pro Dog Trainer together as a family affair along with their 3 children!

California Service Dog Academy

California Service Dog Academy (CSDA) is a non-profit 501c3 was founded in 2018 by Matthew & Rebecca Corso. As the owners of a dog training and behavior consulting company, Matt & Rebecca are used to helping dogs of all shapes and sizes with their training and behavior needs. When they began consulting with people interested in service dogs, it became clear that the demand for good dogs far outweighed the supply. As Matt & Rebecca advised individuals interested in “owner trained service dogs” they also assisted with all the aspects involved in the selection, evaluation and training of puppies and dogs for service work. The work with their clients and the so often long and heartbreaking journey to find a dog led them to create CSDA with the hope of providing appropriate dogs to those who truly need them.


We have the best team around so that we can help more dogs and so we can all take the occasional day off! We work as a team assessing and creating training plans for every dog that we work with. All of our trainers are committed to using positive reinforcement training methods. We are always continuing our own education by frequently attending seminars, workshops and conferences.


Deanna Russell

Deanna Russell


Deanna and Rebecca met while working wildlife detection dogs together in California a few years ago. Deanna’s background is in wildlife, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Wildlife Science from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Deanna has worked with birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals large and small from Alaska to Kenya and a few places in between. While working with a cheetah research group in Kenya, Deanna was introduced to detection dog work and fell in love with dog training and behavior. Rebecca became a mentor to her while they worked together in California. Deanna adopted her working dog, Zainah, from the company after moving back to New York for another job and got her dog certified with Therapy Dogs International. Deanna is excited to be back in California working with Rebecca and with dogs again!

Viviana Esteves

Viviana Esteves

Viviana took courses in Animal behavior at Fresno State. From there she attended Animal Behavior College. There she met her Mentor Kit Perry, and volunteered at the local animal shelter working with dogs that needed homes. Through Kit, she met Rebecca and has been a valued team member at Your Pro Dog Trainer ever since!

Viviana keeps up her continuing education with conferences, articles, and videos. She is currently studying for her CPDT-KA certification. Viviana has a husky who is her service dog. Viviana is passionate, hard working and motivated. She wants your dog to succeed just as much as you!

Renee Cardoza

Renee Cardoza

Renee has grown up around dogs her whole life and she has volunteered at multiple local animal shelters for rescue dogs. Renee found her love for dog training when she started taking her two dogs, Lily and Ragnar, to obedience classes. She attended Animal Behavior College and began working with her Mentor Kit Perry. Through that program she was introduced to Rebecca and began working at Your Pro Dog Trainer.

Renee is often looking for more opportunities to grow as a trainer and is currently working towards her CPDT- KA certification. Renee loves helping dogs and their owners reach their full potential!




We have a 7 acre training facility in Visalia that allows us to help more dogs and gives us a safe, private and FUN place in country for the dogs in our care to flourish!


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